Beauty (By Somnium)



I saw the small flower slightly hidden among the weeds and grass growing under the oak tree.  It stood alone in the middle of the parking lot, small and weak yet strong and daring. Five white petals attached by a yellow furry center. Simple, barely noticed but beautiful in its own way. I hesitated for a minute as my hand reach for it, wanting to keep such simple beauty but then I stopped. I thought about beauty and how we attempt to capture beautiful things in a selfish attempt to enjoy a moment without realizing that in the process we take away the very thing that makes something beautiful, life. I walked away from the small flower, admiring its beauty, enjoying its life.


I feel like posting this dear father because I totally love the idea. Crediting and acknowledging you a lot and better with respect. :D


I will always respect people of your kind. 

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Comments (1)

  1. Somnium

    Thank you my dear Daughter you may repost anything I have and you like

    August 27, 2015